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Friday, November 24, 2006

Top 500 Keywords and Search Terms

Search Engine Top 500 Keywords and Search Terms

No s. Co u nt Ke ywo rd

1 5 793 se x
2 5 5 05 po rn
3 4648 pla y ga me s
4 3938 ga me s che a t
5 3377 pu ssy
6 3096 myspa ce
7 3026 fro m
8 291 3 go o gle
9 2740 he nta i
1 0 2703 myspa ce .co m


Google Ranking: How To Build A Website

How To Build a Website For Outlandish Google Ranking and Traffic

As with any new business, you've gotta have a solid marketing strategy in place when you build a new website. There are ways to build a website that will put you light years ahead in your marketing goals. Then there are ways to build your website that give you no leg up or strategic advantage. We're here to talk about creating a webpage that is built ground up for minimal marketing labor and maximum viral and google traffic.

For the purposes of our DIY HowTo Show today, we started with a list of the 200 most popular keywords from behind a search engine (more on how we got this list later).

The seven most popular search engine keywords are in order: continued at

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Myspace Hackers-Phishers Flaunt 6,000 Passwords on

Yup. Its true. Last night at about 11pm, Thousands of real live myspace usernames and passwords were put online for all to see on, the home page. It only took about 1.5 hours for it to get 200+ diggs. Then it took another 5 minutes to get pulled. Finally, it took another 5 minutes for IAMCITIZEN's entire account to be erased like in some amnesia movie starring Denzel Washington.

When I first saw the story, I thought it was another DIGG Gaming incident, where someone just wants to get to diggs homepage by submitting a fabricated story. But no, this list was the real thing.

What amazed me most about the story was NOT the conquest of those 6,000 some myspace usernames and passwords. The incredible part was the level of stupidity on the part of some of the commentors and the original story submitter himself. Here's a short bullet list of what happened. It'll speak for itself.

In the order in which I observed these things happening:
1. IAMCITIZEN posts a link directly to the txt file with all 6,000 usernames and passwords.

2. Myspace doesn't use usernames. It uses EMAIL ADDRESSES.

3. MOST people use the same email and password for 401k accounts, paypal, bank accounts, and of course, their personal webmail

4. IAMCITIZEN had a live contact link in his profile that took me to:

5. Better yet, the phished txt file was at and a directory listing at revealed a page that looked JUST LIKE MYSPACE.

6. So I did a whois record search revealing:
WHOIS Record For
Services from Network Solutions:
Certified Offer Service - Let us help you get this domain name!
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Site Confirm Seals - Display a security seal and gain visitor trust.

Visit for more information about SCHOOLFUN.NET
Registration Service Provided By: NameAlerts, LLC

Domain name: SCHOOLFUN.NET
Administrative Contact:
Scott Letts (
Fax: +61.0000000000
34 Lascelles St
Brighton, QLD 4017
Technical Contact:
Scott Letts (
Fax: +61.0000000000
34 Lascelles St
Brighton, QLD 4017
Registrant Contact:
Scott Letts (
Fax: +61.0000000000
34 Lascelles St
Brighton, QLD 4017
Status: Locked
Name Servers:

Creation date: 31 Mar 2006 03:18:45
Expiration date: 31 Mar 2007 03:18:45

7. Then, actual Digg Users posted their exploits of actually going into personal myspace pages manipulating user accounts.
Was the most unfortunate victim. It belonged to a young woman who had atleast one nude photo of herself bent over. The Digg user picked one and put it up as her main profile image.

8. Then the same digg user added himself as a "FRIEND" of several myspacers

9. Another digg user was kind enough to put one myspacer on notice by changing his url to:

10. I called the original poster and asked him to remove the password and email list. He responded by telling me that he was "smoking ___" and did not have access to the server nor was acquainted with the host. Then continues by explaining that he found the link on another website.

11. I googled the link. NO RESULTS FOUND

12. I called the 61.number in Austrailia. My cell phone was blocked. I called using my home phone. It ran out of batteries. I called using skype. My computer crashed. I uninstalled several apps and successfully called SCOTT in Austrailia at 4pm Austrailian Time.

13. He immediately took the password page down then explained that an X-Friend had access to his server and that his passwords were changed. And that he had no knowledge of the phishing exploit.

14. Then someone posted a link to Scott's personal wordpress blog saying, look at this! When i did, the blog was taken down.

One DIGG user was very lucid about how this could have happend. He explained in amongst a slew of "OMFG Where's the DELETE STORY BUTTON" and "Yeah, it works, I have access to their entire Photobucket account too" comments that its simple to turn a myspace profile into a myspace login page by adding a superimposed div tag with username and password fields.

Other commenters confirmed his theory by posting some of the submissions from savvy myspacers:!
ahahahaha fuck uuuuu:suck my dickkkk

But there were about 6,000 other supposedly real valid email addresses and passwords. One Digg user was kind enough to explain that many of these myspacers use the same email and password for their paypal accounts.

Lets see if this makes national headlines now.

When will the stupidity end?

BeDaBiggest Social Bookmarking Tagging Whore

Take a look at how many social bookmarking links can fit on a page.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gmail at Domain Instead

You can now get Gmail but at a address. Really. It'd look like this: hit the box to the right

Tomorrow's News: MySpace Phishers Jailed

Move along. there's nothing to see here.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Digg Users' Locations Map Exposed from Server Logs

Ever wonder who DIGGs your story at 5am PST on Saturday Morning? Well, that's about when a story on hit the Front Page of Digg. And our friends at IPTV were cool enough to give us a peek at their server logs. So we in turn, give it to you!
Above, You can see how many people hit's servers. There'd be another 1,000 or so if the server didn't keep crashing (see red). Now, if you are curious about where these people are at 7am on a saturday morning, click the map below to see about 40 minutes worth of users' locations:

What I want to know is why the heck is ANYBODY awake at 7am PST and using!?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pligg Digg Clone Installation - Installer Contact List

If you know how to install PLIGG, leave a comment with your email address and/or phone number. We are creating a list of installers and PHP modification experts for forums and Joomla too so use this page for ONLY PLIGG, DIGG Clone installation work.

HOWto Create Massive Buzz Organically, p1

HOWto Create Massive Buzz Organically, p1
Find Communities Who Already Like You...

Whether you've got a product, service or website that has been out there for a while or not, start here:

We are going to need to shake up the internet so that a whole new fresh crop of people will like you before we move on. In your case, it may be that we simply reinvigorate the folks that liked you in the past but have since forgotten about you.

Ok. Done? Did you get that press release out?

Now, google your url now and remember the number of results returned. Then, do it again in 4 days and notice how many more websites are talking about you. Normally, you'll get about 50,000 more websites found about you after a press release.

Now, It's time to interact and create an ongoing relationship. People are hundreds of times more likely to work with you if you create rapport. This is how: Google your " [product name or url] + "post a comment" "

Now, you've narrowed it down to ONLY the blogs that talk about you. So go ahead, "post a comment"

Web Marketing 202 - Mass Opt-In Email Without Any Addresses

HOWto Email thousands of targeted people without a single email address - FREE
Email is tricky. If you've ever tried a home grown bcc email campaign straight out of Outlook, you know what I'm talking about. Your isp will immediately cut you off from any smtp access. Your domain name will end up in spamcop's black list. Half the people who opted in will forget and curse you. You will stub your toe. Hard.

So how do you reach thousands of people free, without using your own email account? Lets make this even more challenging. No using supposedly "opt-in" email addresses. No spammy email address harvesting spiders. And no transfats?


1. Google your relevant keyword + pipermail.
If you are a web marketing person wanting to email people who are already interested in web marketing, Google, ""web marketing" pipermail"

Pipermail is the engine that drives listserve communities. listserves are through-backs to the bbs days when groups or communities would assemble and post thoughts in a central place online. This would be the great grandfather to

Oddly enough, people still use these dinosaurs and value the email alerts they send out. So, all you have to do is find the listserves that match your target market using the technique above. You'll end up in thousands of email inboxes in less time than you could move your address book into the bcc field.

2. Submit an $11 Press Release
I used to work in advertising and marketing. Every marketing firm I've ever been to uses one Press Release firm: PR News Wire. Every press release would cost about $1200. Then, you'd have to submit several releases before you'd get into some print pub.

(No, I haven't forgot that this is a story about email. Gimme a sec.)

But then one day, by sheer accident, after a client had spent about $14,000 with PR News Wire, we noticed that thousands of unique "eye-balls" were coming from within webmail accounts like Yahoo and Hotmail. We hadn't done any emailing but sure enough, we were in inboxes.

Upon further research, we found another steady stream of hits from none other then Since we got more traffic and acclaim from the Google News system, than any print publication, we set out to find out HOW TO GET INTO

If you're feeling like you're missing something here, let me explain. Google News allows bloggers, writers, and regular folks like your spouse set up EMAIL ALERTS for news items that match keywords they preselect. So, all you have to do is figure out what keywords your target market is likely to have news alert filters set up for and riddle your next press release with those keywords.

Stategically lacing your Press Release with Google News alert triggering keywords will get you into thousands more email inboxes and even RSS streams. So then how do you get yourself into Simple. Use and don't payem anymore than $11. $11 bucks will get you on their front page. And their front page gets syndicated by Google News all day long.

Any other clever techniques? Leave 'em in the comments below. If your website could use some top notch web marketing genius behind it, email us znitch at

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top News Sites to Submit Your Story for Fame

Every news site out there is out there because it caters to different tastes. Just like there are a million Mexican restaurants out there, it's the subtle spicy differences between each venue that can launch your story and press release into instant fame or leave it in a dark musty corner to be obscured by social fungus and mold.

When you go out to submit a news story, whether it's self serving and flagrantly self promoting or of a genuinely altruistic cause forwarding nature, submit the story to the right venue. If you don't, you'll experience the depth of falling on deaf ears leaving you in flakes of wax.

Here are the top six venues to submit tech and politics stories and their traffic rankings.
Sure, you're expecting to see Digg and Netscape. But whens the last time you even considered submitting to Slashdot, BoingBoing, Engadget, or Fark?
I don't have to explain the variations and nuances of each venue. If you don't already know what each venue responds to, go ahead, read em. But, what I am going to do here is make it really simple for you to submit your next series of stories. Here are all the submit page links:
PS. Worse come to worst, even if you get no front page press, you'll still get some high PR Backlinks (SEO chatter) that will lead to some sloppy Google Lovin!